Week 9

Week 9 Game Recaps

Hennelly Division (Grades 4 & 5)

The first game on Friday night was a tight one with Barnes Building pulling out a win. For Fraternal Order of Eagles, Sam Ferron has a great game. He grabbed rebounds the whole game and had 4 points. For Barnes Building, Chris Ruiz dropped 36 points, proving to be the MVP of the game. Overall, the defense wasn't able to stop Chris and Barnes Building from winning the game.  Barnes Building wins over Fraternal Order of Eagles, 41-35

Barnes Building beat Horizon Dental at this Sunday's early game, with a final score of 45-39. Zach Gilmore on Barnes Building had a positive attitude throughout the game, and was able to put up a great basket for his team. Matthew O'Keefe had an aggressive game, giving his all to get his team possession of the ball. For Horizon Dental, Aiden worked hard to score 14 points for his team and knew when it was the right time to use his team's timeouts. Connor also had a great offensive game this week, showing true grit.

J.F. Price Co played against Union Point this week, with J.F. Price coming out on top with a final score of 56-47. Jacob on J.F. Price Co scored 13 points this game, proving that he really wanted the win. Teammate Nevin also contributed greatly to the offensive side of the game, putting up the ball whenever it was available to him. On Union Point, Thomas Dembowski had a phenomenal game and showed great sportsmanship.

Weymouth Police Association defeated Quincy Credit Union to end the day with a final score of 40-30. Joe did a awesome job on defense, locking up the other team, and had great effort throughout the whole game. Daniel had a great offensive game scoring 25 points and tremendous effort. Aaron of Quincy Credit Union had a great game scoring 21 points and finding his teammates. Preston of Quincy Credit Union really showed off his passing ability, dishing out multiple assists in the tough loss.

For the second game of the day, Mass Tire and Auto walked out with a 46-13 win over South Shore Barber Shop. Big man Nelson Thevinin used his size as an advantage as he was the leading scorer for Mass Tire. Brodie Newman and Braden McDevitt put their hearts into every play but didn't get the outcome that they wanted.

Division II (Grades 6 & 7)

Another close game on Friday night was won by Park Ave. Market Ace Hardware. Both teams started out strong, but the offensive play of Will Savage and Patrick Chahone proved too much for Dentistry for Children. The two combined for 17 points and were virtually unstoppable. On the other side, Sean Zaslaw had a great game scoring 13 points. Tim Fisk was dropping dimes and finding open teammates almost every drive. This was a good battle, but Park Ave. Market Ace Hardware was able to finish the job.  Park Ave. wins, 23-19.

Kelley's Oil Company walked out this week with a 25-23 win over Dunkin' Donuts. Brendan Coakley was a stand out contributor in this game all because of his consistent effort on both sides of the ball. Chase Keenan also played a big part, setting up many of their team's points. On Dunkin' Donuts, Sam never took a play off and got a few shots up for his team. Along with Sam, Isaiah had a stellar performance with many key defensive plays.

Jimmy's Broad Street Diner defeated Barnes Buildings with a final score of 37-35. For Jimmy's Broad Street Diner, Anthony had an awesome all-around game scoring 13 points by making great cuts and getting open, while Gregg took control of the offense with great hustle and effort. Adam for Barnes Buildings had great hustle getting back on defense. Also for Barnes Buildings, Zach showed great hustle and good sportsmanship on and off the court.

For the first matchup of the day, the Councilors came out on top with a 41-29 win over South Shore Bank. Although basically every player on the Councilors scored and played a part in the W, players that stood out were Christian Baker and Nathaniel McDonough for their extraordinary effort through the entire game. For South Shore Bank, players like Brandon Riley and Connor Dunbar were the reason there team remained composed.

At 10:00 the tip off began for the third game of the day. Weymouth Firefighters came out on top with a 24-22 win over Bridges Insurance. Team leaders for today were Aidan Perham and Collin Palmer as they showed incredible resilience and toughness. For Bridges Insurance, Rich McCulley and R. Hardimen were two of the most fundamentally sound players on the court for their team.

Leighton Division (Grades 8 & 9)

One more close game on Friday night was a duel against two great teams. For Scapicchio Law, Matt Kowalski and Joey Gannon combined for 36 points. Damien Mak had a great game on defense deflecting passes and getting steals. For Olden's Pharmacy, 8 of their 9 players scored, proving a great team effort by everyone. They got out in fast breaks, shot well, and had an all around great game as a team. The teamwork of Olden's Pharmacy proved to be too much for Scapicchio Law., Olden's wins, 47-42.

This week's game was an intense one, with Cathay Center beating Alvin Hollis 49-38. Nathaniel Vega played a crucial role in his team's victory, alongside John Mutch's tough defense. Together, the two of them scored 11 points for Cathay Center. For Alvin Hollis, Marshall Naegelin and Matt Tevnan played strong and weren't afraid to risk a few fouls to win the ball for their team. 

This Sunday's matchup between Union Brew House and Brewster Ambulance was a tight game, but Union Brew House snuck by with a 33-32 win. Folan of Union Brew House led the way with 23 points in his great performance keeping the defense guessing one time after another. Cole Laping and Jonah Mincey tried to hang on while combining for 19 points in the tough loss and showing tremendous effort and teamwork to stay in the game.

This Sunday's matchup between Stockholders and Equitable Bank was a tight one, but Stockholders held on and beat Equitable 44-40. Coleman and Savage on Stockholders combined for a dominant 35 points in their performance. They went on a scoring rampage going back and forth with Equitable Bank's Timson Li and Malik Miranda who combined for 22 points and a ton of assists. 

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