Week 5

Week 5 Game Recaps

Hennelly Division (Grades 4 & 5)

In the first game of Friday night, we saw Quincy Credit Union beat South Shore Barber Shop 37-10. For South Shore Barber Shop, the whole team showed great hustle, going after every loose ball on defense and showing great effort throughout. Braeden McDevitt made great offensive contributions, making great passes and scoring 2 points. On the other side, Quincy Credit Union was playing an all around great game. The whole team rebounded well and they moved the ball tremendously. For Quincy Credit Union, Jack Daley had a huge game with 10 points and great all-around play.

J.F. Price Co won this week over Weymouth Police Association, with a final score of 50-37. Liam of J.F. Price had great energy this week, playing strong offense and had great rebounding. Teammate Ben also scored 6 points, assisting his team to their win. On Weymouth Police Association, Fleming and Aidan had positive energy and a very strong defensive game, racking up steals.

Horizon Dental played an intense game this week against Mass Tire Auto Service. Elhassan Boutriq and Michael Faiella of Mass Tire scored a combined 6 points and put in tremendous effort throughout the whole game. Drew Paulhaus and Camden Roosa of Horizon Dental played scrappy defense and had many remarkable assists. Mass Tire Auto Service came out with the win 54-30.

Fraternal Order of Eagles defeated Quincy Credit Union with a final score of 33-29.  For Fraternal Order of Eagles, Arturo had a great hustle and did a good job on the defensive end. Liam also had great effort and defense. Brady for Quincy Credit Union had great effort on both sides of the court, playing tough defense and scoring 2 points.

Union Point defeated Barnes Buildings to end the day with a final score of 63-40. Cameron had a really strong offensive game for Union Point with 34 points and strong rebounding throughout the game, assisted by Matthew's great hustle and teamwork. Kyle of Barnes Buildings had a strong game, giving great effort and hustling on both ends of the court.

Division II (Grades 6 & 7)

Councilors beat Dunkin Donuts 39-8 on Friday night in a great game. Councilors played well on D with steals and rebounds galore. There was also great ball movement, with everyone getting shots off and 7 out of 11 players scoring. Anthony Taccini had a good game with several great looks from beyond the arc and 3 points to end the game. For Dunkin Donuts, Joe MacDonald played a all around great game, with assists, rebounds, points, and hustle to energize his team.

To start off week 9 of the Division II games, Jimmy's Broad Street Diner walked out with a 37-24 win over Bridges Insurance. Eli Halifax was a stand out contributor in this game all because of his consistent effort on both sides of the ball. Also Jakob Cherner played a big part, setting up many of their teams 37 points.  Although Bridges Insurance lost, they played tough throughout the game. Phillip Glendye came to play in this early morning game and never took a play off. Along with Phillip, Madan M. had a stellar performance with many key defensive plays.

During the second game of the day, Kelly's Oil came out on top with a 45-22 win over Weymouth Firefighters. Jason Levesque, #5, showed tremendous hustle throughout the entire duration of this game for Kelly's Oil. Along with Jason, Alex Rumil played a roll in this W by not being selfish and helping them win. The Weymouth Firefighters just simply had a couple of mistakes here and there. Looking past these mistakes, Aiden Perham stood his ground whenever someone drove to the hoop. Also, Collin Palmer proved he can play, always knowing what to do when the ball was in his hands.

In this 44-28 win over Park Ave, South Shore Bank's Vagner Olivera and Thomas Arthur had two of their best games which clearly had an impact on the final score. Even though Park Ave lost, Pat Chahine gave maximum every time he stepped foot on the court. Another stand-out player was #7, Jake McAuliffe, as he showed that he was a team player by never giving up when they were down.

This Sunday's matchup between Barnes Buildings and Dentistry for Children was one worth the watch, a solid game for both teams that went down to the very end with a final score of 28-25 and a victory for Barnes Buildings. Barnes Buildings showed a tremendous team effort getting everyone involved, going 100% from the free throw line, and showing hustle and determination on both sides of the floor to get the win. Shawn from Dentistry for Children tried to take his team to victory doing everything he could with a heroic effort of 19 points. The point guard of Dentistry for Children, #3 Ben, had quite a game showing phenomenal basketball IQ and shaking defenders with his quickness and great ball handling. His work on the defensive end also kept his team in the game with multiple steals ending in fast break points off his great passing and awareness of the floor.

Leighton Division (Grades 8 & 9)

Olden's Pharmacy was able to pull off a win, 49-37, after a strong comeback from Union Brewhouse in this game from Friday night. For Union Brewhouse, their defense was on point. They pulled down rebounds and racked up blocks. Jack Devine played a great game with huge hustle and contributions for his team. On the other side, Olden's Pharmacy's Hayden Pike played a great game on the boards. He also had an outstanding game on the defensive side of the ball, with blocks for everyone. Andrew Thomas also played well, putting up 4 points and playing hard until the end.

This week's matchup of Scapicchio Law vs. Cathay Center went into overtime, with both teams fighting to the end. Scapicchio Law won with a final score of 36-32. Mike Ritz and Sebastian Lecrete of Scapicchio Law played at a high intensity and dominated the court with their defensive skills. Paul McNiff and Tommy Tanner of Cathay Center did not stop fighting until the end of the game, showing nonstop 100% effort.

This Sunday's matchup between Alvin Hollis and Equitable Bank was anybody's, ending in a tight overtime victory for Alvin Hollis with a final score of 43-41. Ryan Kennedy of Alvin Hollis had a great game with 16 points getting after it on both ends of the floor, playing very aggressively and not letting up even with 3 fouls and a late "and-1" bucket and free throw which sparked his team's late victory in overtime. Equitable Bank was short handed this game only having 6 players and still fought to the very end of overtime in a tough loss. Malik Miranda had a solid game on both defense and offense being the spark plug for his team, playing aggressive to the very end of the 4th quarter when he fouled out of the game for being such a fierce competitor and putting it all on the line.

This Sunday's matchup of Brewster Ambulance vs. Stockholders was a fun one to watch, but there was a clear victor in the Stockholders with a 58-46 win. Coleman and Gomez of Stockholders led their team to the win with a combined 37 points just dominating in every aspect of the game. James Goudey of Brewster Ambulance Service fought hard in the tough loss notching 4 three pointers and some emphatic blocks to set the tone on defense for his team.

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