Week 3

Week 3 Game Recaps

Hennelly Division (Grades 4 & 5)

Quincy Credit Union won a great matchup, beating Horizon Dental 32-25. Ryan Ferguson had a great game, showing his relentless hustle and his gritty defense. Also for Quincy Credit Union, Aaron McDonald had a great game shooting, knocking down 2 crucial shots. On the other side, Jacob B. had a strong defensive game, racking up steals. He also dished out lots of assists and always created offense for his team. The game was evenly matched throughout, but Quincy Credit Union was able to pull it out.

Mass Tire Auto Service began Sunday morning with a win over Fraternal Order of Eagles with a final score of 26-19. Nelson Thevenin for Mass Tire had a phenomenal game, playing very strong offense for his team. Derek Richman was also a stand out player for Mass Tire, scoring 8 points for his team. Will Pratt and TJ Jollin for Fraternal Order of Eagles both showed excellent effort and brought a lot of encouragement to their team.

Union Point won their game this week against Weymouth Police Association, with the final score of 50-29. Lokesh Pranaddagini of Union Point contributed 14 points to his team's win, playing very smart offensively. Thomas Dembowski also helped out his teammates by working hard and showing good sportsmanship. Lucas and Craig of Weymouth Police were both hard-working, reliable teammates that gave their teammate Gordan many assists.

South Shore Barber Shop played a very fun game this week against Barnes Building, with South Shore Barber Shop winning 47-44. Timmy Long and Matthew Stevenson were their team's top point-scorers this week, with a total of 26 points. Chris Ruiz of Barnes Building fought hard to the end, alongside hard-working teammates Declin and Desmond Wilkins. This game came down to the last few seconds, and it was very exciting to watch.

The last game of the day was between Horizon Dental and J.F. Price Co. This game went into triple overtime, with Horizon Dental coming out on top with a final score of 38-35. Tommy Lavoie of Horizon Dental worked very hard on the court, and cheered on his teammates when off the court. Aiden was able to score a 3-pointer as the final shot to get his team the win. Lucas and Ben played tremendously for J.F. Price, and had an advantage with their scrappy defense.

Division II (Grades 6 & 7)

This bout between Dunkin Donuts and Bridges Insurance ended with a 32-10 victory for Dunkin. This was aided heavily by Isiah Decostar putting up 8 points and being a consistent player all throughout the game. On the other side was an offense mounted by Rich McCulley and Dominic Benotti, who put up a combined 6 points. Though the game wasn't a nail biter, it was a great game with hustle on both sides.

For the first match of the day, Park Ave came out with the win 36-16 over Barnes Building. Huge contributors in this W were Will Savage with 9 points and Joe Looney with 8 points. Although Barnes Buildings lost, Bronson Molnar and Braeden Neenan were two of the high scorers for them. 

The second game of the day ended in a tough loss for the Dentists at the hands of the Councilors, 31-17. The Councilors' Alex Piniero had some strong drives to the basket throughout this game. Also, Colin McPherson played a huge role in their offense as he had many boards. Ben Traves and Shawn Zaslaw were key players for the Dentistry as they both scored every point in the game. 

The third suspenseful game ended in an OT win by Jimmy's Diner over Weymouth Firefighters, 29-26. Liam Gallagher and Mike Stevenson were the high scorers for their offense, but if it wasn't for Joe Malone's offensive rebounds, some of those points wouldn't have happened. Although the firefighters lost, Liam Connelly and Tyler Miller who showed outstanding hustle, helped push the team into OT.

The final game of the day ended with a W for South Shore Bank over Kelly's Oil, 30-29. Lead scorer Brandon Riley showed tremendous hustle throughout the whole game as he had 18 points. Also, Connor Dunbar had a day as he was the next leading scorer with 6 points. Kelly's Oil definitely held their own as they only lost by 1 point. Contributors were Brendan Conroy with 11 points and Ben Haugh with 6. 

Leighton Division (Grades 8 & 9)

In a great matchup between Alvin Hollis and Stockholders, Alvin Hollis was able to edge out Stockholders with a score of 45-41. For Alvin Hollis, Sean Sullivan led in scoring with 12 points. He was consistent from mid-range and knocked down his fouls shots. Griffin Weiner had a strong game on the boards for Alvin Hollis, pulling down rebounds on top of rebounds. For Stockholders, Jake Gomez had a terrific game on the defensive side with lots of steals and blocks. He also put up 7 points. Stockholders made it very close at the end, but Alvin Hollis was able to hold on to the lead. Although it was a great game by both teams, Alvin Hollis got the W.

Cathay Center played against Olden's Pharmacy this week, with Cathay Center winning a close game of 32-30. Calvin P and Jack M for Cathay Center scored multiple 3-pointers, keeping Olden's defense on their toes. Jacob Engren played a great game for Olden's Pharmacy, hustling from the moment he stepped on the court. Anthony Maccarrone also had an outstanding game, doing great on defense.

Another Close game was played today as Union Brew House only lost by 3 to Equitable Bank, 39-36. Malik Miranda put up a solid effort with 13 points.. Other thank Malik, Nathan Hraibe played well at point guard setting up many baskets. Will Folan was on his A game today with 23 of Union Brew House's 36 points. John Ferrarelli showed great mechanics as he was giving 100 percent effort in every play he was in.

Sabien Lacrete has a huge game for Scapacchio as he had 16 points along with many dime passes in a 49-26 win over Brewster Ambulance. Mat Kowalski was a product of those passes with his 10 points. Cole Laping of Brewster's Ambulance had 11 points, and James Goudey's 3-point shot was all there today as he shot two 3's, both of which he scored. 

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