Week 2

Week 2 Game Recaps

Hennelly Division (Grades 4 & 5)

The weekend kicked off with a 52-38 win for Union Point over Weymouth Police Association. Jack O'Connor's hustle shown through in this game, making a great diving save and helping the team by putting up a basket. Lokesh Pranaddagini put up a few baskets at key times, helping to close the gap early on in the game. Weymouth Police Association's Lucas Ash put up points early in the game and demonstrated great hustle and spirit through the rest of it.

The first game of the Hennelly Division was won by Quincy Credit Union over Horizon Dental with a final score of 32-26. Cole and Garrett both played a great game for Quincy Credit Union, hustling from one end of the court to the other. Rocco Dibona of Horizon Dental had an outstanding game scoring a total of 5 points with excellent effort throughout the game. Chiz Ojimba also played strong, scrappy defense.

Mass Tire Auto Service played against J.F. Price Co this week, with Mass Tire winning 29-22. Leo Albee and Brady Somerville of Mass Tire scored a total of 6 points, playing very smart offensively. Nevin and Lucas of J.F. Price Co were both hard-working, reliable teammates that showed great determination.

Barnes Buildings defeated Weymouth Police Association with a final score of 46-40.  For Barnes Chris Ruiz had a great game, scoring 27 points , and Desmond Wilkins had a great game with good defense and hustle on both sides of the court. Danielle for Weymouth Police had a strong game on both sides of the court, scoring 26 points and playing lockdown defense, trying to help his team comeback.

Fraternal Order of Eagles defeated south Shore Barbershop to end the day with a final score of 36-23. Michael had a good game for the Eagles with 12 points and strong defense throughout the game, assisted by Thomas' talk on defense. Brody of South Shore Barbershop had a strong game with 16 points and great effort.

Division II (Grades 6 & 7)

Park Ave Market Ace Hardware beat Weymouth Fire Fighters with the end score being 25-16. Weymouth Fire Fighters put up a solid fight during the entirety of the game, with players like Tyler Miller showing great hustle throughout. He was all over the ball on defense and had lots of steals that he converted into fast break points. Although Weymouth Fire Fighters defense was tremendous, they could not stop the Park Ave duo of Joe Looney and Will Savage. Each had great games finding the open man and creating shots for their teammates. Weymouth Fire Fighters made the game interesting at the end with a long run to finish off the game, but could not pull off the complete comeback.

For the first matchup of  Sunday, Kelly's Oil came out on top with a 33-22 win over Bridges Insurance. Although Bridges Insurance lost, the effort put up by players such as Rich McCulley with 8 points and Domenic Benotti with 6, was outstanding. The opposing team seemed to just make fewer mistakes.  Ryan Daley with 13 points and Sean DeSouza with lockdown defense are two players who highly contributed to the outcome of this game for Kelly's Oil. 

The second game of the day ended with a win by Councilors, 31-21 over Jimmy's Diner. With almost every kid scoring a bucket on their team, the Councilors dominated offensively. Key players today were Christian Laenen with incredible hustle and Ryan Gaudiano with multiple steals and points. For Jimmy's Diner, players that stood out the most were Mike Stevenson with 12 points and Jacob Cherner with 4. 

The score was very close throughout the whole entire game between Dunkin Donuts and Dentistry for Children. Ending in OT, the final score was 28-26 with a win for Dentistry for Children. With dime passes from Ben Travers, Alex Bedoni's jumpshot was a key factor in the win. Also, consistent hustle from Angelina Rhode and strong offensive rebounds from Jed Whitaker is what kept this game so close. These two teams were both on their A game. 

Leighton Division (Grades 8 & 9)

The last game of Friday night was a spectacle. Olden's Pharmacy and Stockholders clashed, with Jacob Engren putting up a whopping 19 points, including a three pointer, which helped secure the 64-40 win for Olden's. On the side of the Stockholders, Coleman put on a light show, putting up 13 points early on. However his early points were not enough to stop the destructive Olden's Pharmacy offense.

Alvin Hollis started Sunday morning with a win over Scapicchio Law Offices with a final score of 30-22. Matt Tevnan and Brendan Contrino for Alvin Hollis contributed positively to their team's win, playing very strong defense. Joe Gannon for Scapicchio Law had two 3-pointers during the close game, along with AJ Dunkerly giving 100% effort throughout the game. They both brought a lot of energy and encouragement to the team.

This Sunday's matchup of Equitable Bank vs. Brewster Ambulance Service was a good game all around with Equitable Bank taking the win and a final score of 34-26. Sean Murphy on Equitable Bank had a great game leading his team in scoring with 7 points, with # 4 and # 11 right behind him with a combined 12 points in the win. Brewster Ambulance Service tried to hold on but Equitable Bank was too much. Brewster Ambulance had a lot of good plays to try and raise the intensity with James Goudey recording 2 emphatic blocks and 1 of them pinned off the backboard after draining a 3 pointer. He had 8 points and 2 three pointers showing great skill and versatility, but it was not enough to take down the fearsome Equitable Bank.

This Sunday's matchup between Cathay Center and Union Brew House was one you didn't want to miss. This game came down to the final minute in a very intense matchup with Union Brew House taking the slim victory with a final score of 37-33. Cathay Center was down a lot and Union Brew House thought they had the game in the bag but Calvin P. and Jack M. were not done yet and combined for 13 points and 7 steals in the 4th quarter giving everything they had to try and get the game back.  Will Folan and Union Brew House had other plans and held on to the lead late in the game to secure the win with Folan's outstanding performance and a season high 29 points showing dominance, pure skill, and determination leading his team to victory.

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