Week 1

Week 1 Game Recaps

Hennelly Division (Grades 4 & 5)

Weymouth Police Association started the season off with a close win over Fraternal Order of Eagles with a final score of 33-28. Gordon and Daniel from Weymouth Police Association both had great games with a combined total of 22 points. Michael McCulley did a great job controlling the offense for Fraternal Order of Eagles and had many assists to his teammates.

Starting off Sunday morning was the game of Fraternal Order of Eagles vs Barnes Building. Arturo Alvarado played a great game for the Fraternal Order of Eagles, hustling from one end of the court to the other. Chris Ruiz had an outstanding game scoring a total of 22 points with five 3-pointers throughout the game. Fraternal Order of Eagles came out with the win with a final score of 43-26.

Union Point played against Horizon Dental this week, with Union Point winning 41-28. Jonathan Brainard and Cameron Aieta of Union Point scored a total of 33 points, playing smart offensive. Aiden of Horizon Dental put up a great fight with strong rebounding on both sides of the court. Both teams were very determined and had great sportsmanship.

J. F. Price Co. defeated South Shore Barber Shop this week with a final score of 40-13. Jacob had a strong game in J. F Price's win with 13 points and had many remarkable assists. Brody Neenan of South Shore Barber Shop also had a great game, playing both strong offense and scrappy defense.

Mass Tire Auto Service defeated Quincy Credit Union to end the day with a final score of 35-28. Austin Cummings had a phenomenal game for Mass Tire with 100% effort on both sides of the court. Preston W. for Quincy Credit Union did a great job of scoring for his team with a total of 10 points.

Division II (Grades 6 & 7)

The Councillors vs. Park Ave Ace Hardware:

The Councilors defeated Park Ave. Ace Hardware Friday night with a final score of 32-21. Alex Pineiro for the Councilors helped out his team tremendously with his offensive skills, playing consistently all night. Patrick Chahine had a strong game for Park Ave. Ace Hardware scoring 6 points and showing great hustle on defense.

Kelly's Oil vs. Denistry for Children: 

The first game of the day proved to be very interesting as two power houses from Division II faced each other to start off the season. While the team of Brendan Coakley and Christo Elhachem put up a great fight with great ball handling and scoring from Christo and lockdown defense by Coakley, it was the yellow team who got the last laugh. Thanks to the outstanding skill and shooting Of Sean Zaslaw who controlled his offense masterfully as well as a great performance by his teammate Ben Travers on the defense side, their team was able to pull out a close win.

Jimmy's Diner vs. Dunkin Donuts: 

In this matchup we saw two defensive power houses clash early in the morning. In the end it was the pair of Connor Cowan and Mike Maccaronne who in tandem were able to score some crucial buckets and lock down the other side long enough to pull out the win. Though this was no easy job as the scoring of Anthony Dragone and Liam Gallagher proved to be more than troublesome as they displayed much ability from behind the arc and attacking the basket. In the end defense prevailed, but we'll see how things go in the future once more shots start to fall for the duo of Dragone and Gallagher.

Weymouth Fire Fighters vs. Barnes Buildings:

In this game we saw yet another battle. The Tommy Award in this case though goes to Christian Pike who despite not being able to beat his opponents put up an amazing fight every second he was on the court. Racking up four fouls but still being able to lead your team scoring shows how much heart this kid has and how hard he's going to work to get some wins. In this situation, though, it was not his fault as the pure maturity of Bronson Molnor's handles and scoring proved too big of a task to overcome. His teammate Tim Benoit did a beautiful job of helping run the offense, get a couple buckets, and facilitate the ball to teammates, and in the end it was Bronson's 18 points (tied for the most in all games at Chapman yesterday) that was just too much.

South Shore Bank vs. Bridges Insurance:

The last game of the day for Division II didn't disappoint as we saw two teams go back and forth all game. The dual efforts of Ronin Hardiman and Rich McCulley were enough to make the parents in the other stands sweat as they combined for 18 of the team's 26. What sealed the deal for this tandem was the equally troubling pair of Brandon Riley and Thomas Eldridge who refused to stop ripping down boards and making plays on defense to go with their solid scoring at the other end. In the end it was just too much too overcome.

Leighton Division (Grades 8 & 9)

Cathay Center vs. Brewster Ambulance:

Cathay Center ended Friday night with a win over Brewster Ambulance Service with a final score of 57-34. Nathaniel for Cathay Center contributed positively to his team's win, scoring 14 points. Cole Loring for Brewster Ambulance Service gave 100% effort throughout the game, bringing a lot of energy and encouragement to his team.

Olden's Pharmacy vs. Alvin Hollis:

The first game on Sunday in the Leighton Division was truly a fight between two scoring specialists. Missing his equally as talented twin, Aiden Kennedy showed no separation anxiety dropping a team high 12. Accompanied by Matt Folan who had 10 points, they were truly scary to see with the ball in their hands. But this was a clash of offensive talent, and it was the other side that won the battle. With HUGE scoring days from Matthew Thomas and Jake Savage dropping 14 and 15 respectively, it was because of Savage's pure athleticism and natural stroke that the red team was able to secure a solid win week 1. 

Scapicchio Law vs. Equitable Bank

This Sunday's matchup of Scapicchio Law vs. Equitable Bank was one worth the watch. Equitable Bank took the W over Scapicchio Law in a game that went down to the final minute with a final score of 25-21 in favor of Equitable Bank. Joey Gannon of Scapicchio Law led the team in scoring with 7 points and drained a 3 pointer to start off the game. Jack Scannell and Sabian Lacrete had a combined 12 points in their outings with the both of them individually scoring 6 points each. Nathan Hraibe had an outstanding game for his team in the win with a beastly 16 points, notching a 3 pointer in the 3rd and sinking 5 clutch free throws to seal the deal for Equitable Bank.

Stockholders vs. Union Brew House

In this Sunday's heated matchups, a game that really stood out was the close victory of Stockholders over Union Brew House 35-31. John Savage on Stockholders with a team high 19 points and three 3-pointers showed tremendous basketball IQ and pure skill in his dominant outing. Also, Braden Aieta of Stockholders had a great game and stunned the crowd with a clutch buzzer-beater at the end of the 3rd quarter and finished the game with 6 points. #11 Fenarelli of Union Brew House went off on a scoring rampage in the second half trying to take the game back for his team with 11 points in the second half; he showed extreme athleticism and determination fighting for his team and finished the game with 12 points in a tough loss. #7 Folan for Union Brew House was a true leader for his team with his great size and skill and matched up very well against Savage on Stockholders. He finished the game with 11 points in a very consistent scoring outing for the whole game, but Folan and Fenarelli could not stop Savage and the Stockholders.

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