League Updates:

Senior League (12/4/2014)

The WJBL provides a Senior League for those players in grades 10-12.  The season kicks off on Thursday 12/4 at 7:00pm with a player evaluation at the Immaculate Conception gym located at 1199 Commercial Street in Weymouth.
This league does not have practices, only games each Thursday night.  It's a fun environment for the older kids.
We still have openings, and registration can be completed online at weymouthjbl.com, or in-person on Thursday night.
2014-2015 Travel Rosters Posted

The travel rosters have been posted to the Travel League page listed above. Coaches will be contacting selected players shortly with practice dates.  Players not making a travel team can still play Town Leage.  Registration has been extended for another week.  

To register for our Town League programs: 

Town League




Week 2 – Game Highlights (updated 12/15/14)

Hennelly Division (Grades 4 & 5)

Dentistry for Children vs. Quincy Credit Union 

Dentistry for children ended the game with a 26 – 23 victory over Quincy Credit Union. Dominick Olohan worked hard all game, as well as the team’s leading scorer, Paul McNiff. Jack Scannell also made both of his free throws in a row. Anthony Greco played an impressive game for Quincy Credit Union in week 2. 

Park Ave. Market vs. Jimmy’s Diner

Jimmy’s Diner defeated Park Ave. Market 42 – 37 in week 2. Sean Murphy played an exception game, offensively and defensively, scoring a total of 18 points. Michael Ritz also had a huge impact on his team with 16 points. Anthony Reynolds and Sean Zaslaw played extremely well for their teams, taking smart shots and playing smart. 

Kelley’s Oil vs. Mariano A.C.

Kelley’s Oil won this game 21 – 14. Cameron Nordstrom had an all-around aggressive game and scored 10 points, including two made free throws. Thomas Eldridge especially stood out in week 2 with his great defense and continuous hard work throughout the whole game. For Kelley’s Oil, Gavin Marsolen had a great game and is a very smart player. Dylan Baker clearly has a huge positive impact on his team, always cheering his teammates on and encouraging everyone on the court.  

Barnes Building vs. South Weymouth Barber Shop

South Weymouth Barber Shop defeated Barnes Bulding 42 – 15. Neither team stopped hustling at any point. Ryan Cannavan played impressive defense, always sticking with his man and following him right to the basket. Anthony Taccini played great in week 2, setting strong screens for his teammates. Both Joseph Alberino and Nicholas Neary played fantastic in this game as well, Alberino with 9 points and Neary with 10. Joshua Bonasoro also played very well under the hoop, scoring 9 points. 

South Shore Savings Bank vs. Sullivan Tire

SS Savings Bank ended week 2 with a 36 – 6 victory over Sullivan Tire. Although, this loss did not discourage Sullivan Tire. They are a small and scrappy team, always hustling and playing as a team. Ryan Durkin and Cameron Fernandez were the team’s only scorers, but every single player on this team contributed with great defense and a good attitude. South Shore Savings Bank’s Timmy Knapp played aggressive defense the whole game. Andrew and Matthew Thomas also played very well in this game, scoring 8 points each. 

At Abigail Adams, Cazeault & Sons defeated S. Bank by a score of 35 to 16.  Will Savage led the way on offense for Cazeault with 9 points, including a buzzer-beater 3-pointer at the end of the game.  Tom Daley scored 4 points for S. Bank and dished out 3 assists.

Division II (Grades 6 & 7)

Rockland Federal Credit Union improved to 2-0 on Sunday as they defeated Cannavo Plumbing and Heating 37-22.  Rockland Federal's Ben Randolph played smart and hauled in several key rebounds while teammate Jack Donahue ran the point well.  Jack set up the offense and made the rest of his team better.  Both teams played great defense, especially Johnny Cannavo.  His teamate Rory Deluca helped run a Cannavo offense that came just short, scoring 12 on some great takes to the basket.

In the second game of the day, Cathay Center got their second win against Olden's Pharmacy, 45-15.  Owen Lewis made great hustle plays to keep his Cathay team going and chipped in 6.  Ryan O'Brien had a great game down low, leading his offense with several putback finishes; he ended with 10 points.  Olden's saw a lot of great passing but just couldn't get the bounces they needed.  James Cassidy controlled the ball well; Chris Reilly played well on both sides of the floor, as well as on the fastbreak.

The 9 AM matchup saw a close battle between Mass Tire and Auto and Colonial Federal Savings, with Colonial pulling away 35-30.  Connor Denizkurt and Jack Erickson combined for 4 points and made some key plays to help their team.  John Savage played an aggressive game with great drives, finishing with 17 points and several assists.  To counter the balanced Colonial attack, Mass Tire received great play from Colin Powers and Simon Ngyen.  Jake Connolly contributed 4 points and drove to the hoop well.  This game evens both teams at 1-1 heading into Week 3.

South Shore Sports Therapy picked up their second win against Barnes Builiding with a final margin of 32-21.   South Shore's Tyrell Cardoso and Ayden Doyle played well together and showed chemistry on the floor.  Ryan St. Clair added 6 points down low with some physical play, including a block in the 2nd period.  Barnes Building fought back until the finish, with constant energy from Sean Curtin.  He and Peter Vu combined for 5 points and several rebounds.  Both teams showed control and energy throughout the game.

Sunday's final game allowed Union Brewhouse to grab their second win of the season versus Scapicchio Law, 34-20.  Union's Charlie McDonald played well and added 4 points, while Dan Picard's aggressive play gave him 9 points, including a big three-pointer.  Wil Foley had a day for himself, laying in 12 points on some great moves to the lane.  Scapicchio made a slight comeback in the second half with help from Tom Wisehart and John Niles.  After returning from an apparent knee injury, Niles continued to battle and ended up with 3 points.

 Leighton Division (Grades 8 & 9)

Week 2 of the JBL season started out with an exciting game between Weymouth Eagles and Eastern Exposures.  The Eagles earned a 28 to 26 win behind a great performance from Patrick Manning, who scored 6 points and pulled down 5 rebounds.  Evan Geyer played well for Eastern Exposures, scoring 9 points and dishing out 6 assists.

Fabiano Florist defeated Weymouth Bank by a score of 46 to 34.  Shane Scannell and Paul Scannell combined for 15 points, leading Fabiano’s offensive effort.  For Weymouth Bank, James Rogers and Jacob Principe combined for 9 points and 8 assists.

 In an overtime thriller, Mitchelson Club defeated J.F. price by a score of 40 to 37.  Anthony Ruscio played well for Mitchelson, putting in 7 points and 3 steals.  Evan Cooper led the late J.F. Price push with 5 points and 5 assists.

Weymouth Fire and Dunkin’ Donuts faced off in an intense matchup, resulting in a 54 to 40 win for Weymouth Fire.  Andres Nunez scored 7 points for Weymouth Fire and helped lead the team to victory.  Joshua Cinquini contributed 8 points and 4 assists for Dunkin’, leading the comeback effort.

The Weymouth Elks and Weymouth Police played in a high-paced matchup, with the Elks gaining a 49 to 34 win.  Josh Decosta and Robbie West combined for 19 points, propelling the Elks to victory.  Trey Randolph helped the Weymouth Police offense, scoring 7 points and consistently drawing fouls and getting his teammates involved.


2014-2015 Instructional League

(Updated 12/4/14)  

Just a reminder that the Instructional League will be held on Saturday mornings at The University Sports Complex (The U) in Hanover.  The first session will be held Saturday December 6th and run through February 14th.  

Sessions will be held:
Grade 1:  9:00 - 10:00AM
Grade 2:  10:00 - 11:00AM
Grade 3:  11:00 - 12:00PM

Players should wear sneakers and bring a drink to each session.  Players will be assigned to teams, and will be issued a team t-shirt.  
Should you have any questions or comments, please contact weymouthjbl@yahoo.com.

 Town League Updates

(Updated 11/24/14) 

Teams have been created in all Town League divisions grades 4-9.  Coaches are now contacting players with team information and schedules.  The season starts for all divisions the week of 12/1.

Emails If you have not heard from a coach, please contact the appropriate division coordinater below:

Hennelly Division (Grades 4 & 5): EJ Nordstrom (ejnordstrom@weymouthjbl.com)
Division II (Grades 6 & 7): John Jamieson (jamieson@weymouthjbl.com)
Leighton Division (Grades 8 & 9): Sean Sullivan (sean@weymouthjbl.com)


2014-2015 Town League Registration

All players must register online for the 2014-2015 season. If you would like to pay by cash/check you must still register online and select the payment method of your choice.  For those paying by cash/check we will have an in-person payment collection session on Saturday October 11, 2014, at the Weymouth Elks from 12:30PM to 2:00PM. The Town League is open to Weymouth residents only, and the program is for players of all abilities for grades 1-12.

 The second family member registered will receive a 20% discount (code JBL2), and each additional family member registered will receive 30% discounts (JBL3).  All registrations with payments received either in-person or online by 10/11/14 will be guaranteed placement on a team.  Mailed in registrations and/or payments will not be accepted. 

 Team Assignment: The WJBL attempts to make each team in the Town League competitive within their division.  To assist us, ALL players signing up for the Hennelly Division, any new players to Division II and any new players to the Leighton Division will be assigned an evaluation date and time.  WJBL will email the evaluation date and times after 10/11/14.  Usually all players are assigned to a team, but WJBL reserves the right to limit the number of players due to available gym time. 

Season runs from mid/late November through March.

2014-2015 Travel Basketball Tryouts

The travel program provides for two travel teams in each grade from grades 4 through 8. This is a competitive program for the top players in each grade. The travel program is open to Weymouth residents only. Participation in last year’s travel program does not guarantee a spot on this year’s travel teams. There will be one “A” team and one “B” team for each grade. Players for each team will be selected by a travel committee designated by the JBL Board of Directors.

 All travel tryouts will be held at the Chapman Middle School.  Players are asked to be at each tryout 15 minutes before each session. Players must register for travel tryouts online at weymouthjbl.com.

 The fee for players making the grades 4 and 5 teams is $220 and for players making the grades 6 through 8 teams is $250.  Teams will be selected and announced by 10/13/14.  For players making a team, payment will be due prior to the first practice.

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